PDS Tech Inc Avionic / Electrical Test Technician in Everett, Washington

Avionic / Electrical Test Technicians needed for direct hire long term positions.

Opportunity to work direct for the premier commercial aircraft manufacturing company in the US.

Mechanics in this position test all mechanical and electrical systems on aircraft, making all required changes and repairs prior to flight test. Mechanics will be working on a live aircraft.

  • Set up and perform bench test or automatic test per work order, test document, test equipment manuals and/or engineering instructions.

  • Perform tests using various computer systems, oscilloscopes, power supplies and meters.

  • Troubleshoot faults in electronic circuits and mechanical systems using various types of test equipment (e.g., Special Test Equipment "STE", Automated Test Equipment "ATE" and shop aids) and adjust or repair as needed.

  • Assist and support aircraft technicians in sequencing of work operation, troubleshooting and problem analysis/resolution.

  • Obtain and use appropriate engineering drawings, test documents, and any other necessary paperwork or on-line systems.

  • Order parts and components required to complete assigned task.

  • Check test equipment prior to use to ensure proper operation and certification requirements are met, utilizing test equipment manuals, check sheets and self test procedures.

  • Energize various systems to perform a variety of functional tests per drawing, test documents, nonconformance reports and other documents in order to verify integrity of the systems.

  • Use, assemble and maintain new and existing shop aids for testing and troubleshooting airframe and power plant systems and subsystems.

  • Select proper hand, power and/or bench tools needed to perform required operation (e.g., screwdrivers, pliers, torque wrenches, crimpers, cable tools, band saw, drill press and circular sander).

  • Operate mechanical lifts of various types to locate parts/assemblies into position or to perform assembly work.

  • Locate tools and/or parts on airplane using tooling holes, pilot holes, K holes, or by hand (as required), per drawing, IP, or tooling instructions.

  • Align parts and secure in place using Clecos or tooling/hand clamps.

  • Check for good edge margins and alignment and shim parts, as required.

  • Handle and protect components and assemblies in accordance with shop procedures and drawing requirements.

  • Set up assembly tools per tooling instructions or drawing.

  • Select drill bits, reamers and/or countersinking tools for pilot and full size holes per drawing.

  • Drill, ream, countersink full size holes in parts/ assemblies, in proper sequence and to correct size, per drawing using drill motor.

  • Set countersinking tools to proper depth, as required.

  • Disassemble parts and deburr holes using chip chasers, deburring tools and files to prepare for installation of fasteners.

  • Use solvents to clean surfaces prior to sealing or assembly.

  • Apply sealant, alodine, primer, adhesives and special finishes.

  • Determine and obtain correct type and size fasteners.

  • Install fasteners in correct sequence per drawing, using correct tools (e.g., rivet gun and bucking bar, drill motor, power screwdriver, C-squeeze, ratchet wrench, nut runner).

  • Handle and dispose of hazardous materials in approved manner.

  • Aircraft Technicians need a strong working knowledge of all aircraft systems and various types of test equipment.

  • High school graduate or GED preferred.

  • Experience troubleshooting and fixing problems with various types of electronics equipment

  • Experience reading and interpret production illustrations, wiring diagrams, and/or schematics

  • Experience using a computer such as internet navigation, email, Microsoft Office and/or other specialized computer applications

  • Positions open to all US Persons. "US Person" includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, or asylee.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, or other legally protected status.